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How To Fix hal.dll error In Windows?

What is hal.dll error?

Hal.dll stands for Hadware Abstraction Layer is an operating system file that links hardware and software components of a computer. Using hal.dll file, operating system operates with hardware device. Hal.dll acts as an interface between hardware and software of the system providing consistent platform to run applications. When Hal is employed, an abstract layer is accessed directly instead of hardware. In windows operating system, Hal is implemented in form of hal.dll and if this file is found missing or corrupt, the boot process halts and error screen is displayed.

There are various errors associated with hal.dll which can occur in any Window versions such as Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8. However, the text of this error can be different :

  • “No hal.dll»”
  • «Running Windows is not possible, the file is missing or corrupt hal.dll”
  • “File not found \Windows\System32\hal.dll”

Causes of the Error Hal.dll

This error is known to occur due to the following reasons :

  1. Inavlid BOOT.INI file configuration – boot.ini file configuration can get either changed or damaged or become incorrect.
  2. BCD configuration is incorrect – invalid data contained in BOOTMGR's boot configuration data file (BCD) can cause this error to occur on Windows OS.
  3. Hal.dll file is corrupted or missing – if the hal.dll is not written properly on the disk or incompatible version of hal.dll is used then an error may appear saying that “Hal is missing or corrupt”.
  4. File system integrity compromised – file system of the hard drive get damaged due to disk write errors, power outages or virus attacks leading operating system to boot incorrectly.

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Method to fix Error Hal.dll

In order to deal with the hal.dll error, you are required to download a secure and effective tool. For this purpose, Reimage Repair tool will be sufficient. Reimage is able to detect errors on PC. During its scan procedure, repairing process removes and replaces damaged or corrupted dll files. Not only it removes damaged files but also reverses the damage done to Windows OS.

Key Features of Reimage software -

  1. Fixes Windows errors.
  2. Stops Blue Screen of Death.
  3. Repair damaged DLL files and errors.
  4. Recover freezing of computer.
  5. Repairs virus damage
  6. Provides operating system recovery.

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