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Troubleshoot kernel32.dll Error In Windows

What is kernel32.dll?

Kernel32.dll is a dynamic link library file found in the kernel of Windows operating system. The work of kernel32.dll is to serve as an integrated administration that is used to coordinate memory management, input/output operations and interruption operations. Kernel32.dll plays a vital role in maintaining normal system operation. When other programs or processes attempt to access the memory space protected by kernel32.dll then those programs generate kernel32.dll error like “ invalid page fault in module kernel32.dll”. Also, kernel32.dll error may occur when windows starts and a program is running or closed.

What are the factors behind kernel32.dll error?

  • Any application or program trying to access kernel32.dll protected memory space.
  • Kernel32.dll error can be caused by one particular program or application.
  • Kernel32.dll error provoked by multiple files and programs.
  • When a program is deleted and along with it deleted .dll file associated with programs. Error occurs due to faulty kernel32.dll file.
  • Incorrect version of file. "
  • virus or malware have corrupted kernel32.dll file.

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How to fix kernel32.dll?

There are two possible way to fix kernel32.dll errors. First is manual fixing and other is automatic fixing. Since manual fixing also works, but it is advised to novice users because it takes great deal to fix dll files. You cannot perform until you are very much sure about what you are doing and how to fix it correctly. Windows registry can suffer serious damage if anything goes wrong. Besides, it is certainly useless to waste few hours finding, isolating and then finally fixing problem.

Hence, it is simply more efficient and effective to get right software and use them to do the job perfectly in repairing dll errors. A tool like Reimage Repair can be right choice which provides thorough and sophisticated registry cleaner. No matter which variant of Windows you are running, it provides complete scan and repair of damaged and corrupt kernel32.dll and other dll files.

Following are the key features of Reimage Repair -

  1. It can fix any type of Windows error that happens when unexpected condition occurs.
  2. It can repair damaged and corrupted all kinds of dll files of Windows.
  3. It can recover any damage or infection done by virus or other threat.
  4. Replaces and repairs critical Windows system files.

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