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How to Restore Missing DirectX DLL file

DirectX DLL file is another type of highly ‘Microsoft Common Controller API’ and is one of the parts of Microsoft DirectX for a Windows-based system that will mainly design or developed by Microsoft is frequently release to updates DirectX.

DirectX DLL file is not recognising their Directory path in the located folder, then it shows an errors messages 'Not Found'. This DLL files contains lots of effective format of data that is not easily access on any of the platform. It needs to maintain with highly secured manner without any mistake and will need to complete installation to the system to view this DLL file.

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Errors Show Missing DirectX DLL file are:-

  • If this DLL file not properly install to the system will show errors message.
  • DLL file gets infected with some of the harmful threat cause it inaccessible.
  • Not properly accessing the file will corrupt the DirectX DLL file.
  • Partition of the DLL file may damages the folder and shows ‘NOT FOUND’ error message.

Easy Steps to Restore DirectX DLL file is:-

By following the below Step for restoring the DirectX DLL file is:

  • 1. Search for the latest version of DirectX on Microsoft’s site such as Windows 7, XP, and Vista etc.
  • 2. Click the link in the search results for DirectX End-User Runtimes that use to shows the latest release date.
  • 3. Click on desktop, choose New and choose the Folder and names the folder related to DirectX files.
  • 4. Double-click to download in the previous Step.
  • 5. Click to Yes on the License agreement.
  • 6. Click to Browser button in the dialog box to choose the folder.
  • 7. Click OK button to choose the folder path.
  • 8. Open the folder created in previous step or few DLL files.
  • 9. Now, Locate the CAB file that contains the DLL files you are searching for.
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Use Recovery Software to restore the DirectX DLL file:-

Reimage Repair Tool is an advanced tool to detect the error caused by various reasons such as virus infection, file corruption error, not found error etc. This software comes with an advanced feature that will perform to scanning the entries deleted or corrupted DLL file.

Reimage Repair Tool use to Restore DLL Files:

  • Reinstallation of the broken folder that holds DLL files.
  • Get affected with the harmful threat that adds ext to each existing DLL file.
  • Lost the Directory path of the DLL file that shows not found errors.
  • The file gets corrupted or damages due to not a proper installation.

If this all problems come with your DLL files in your PC then, use Reimage Repair Tool to that gives best recovery solution to the lost file. This software not needed to of any special program to work. It can easily install to the system in any of the critical situations of damage DirectX DLL file. You can also use the trial version of the software available on the internet and download it. But for more satisfaction, you need to purchase the full version of this software.

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