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What is RUNDLL error?

How To Fix RUNDLL error in Windows?

RUNDLL errors are Windows error. RUNDLL.exe are system processes that are directly related to Windows operating system. RUNDLL file is a part of network of code and data shared by multiple programs on your computer helping in producing speed and memory efficiency by reusing same code or files while running many functions. Actually DLL stands for Dynamic Link Library which is a window library constituting a set of programs used to perform certain functions. Additionally, DLL keeps the memory space free. Every DLL does the same job, but the common thing is that all DLL provide one function to several programs and operations. RUNDLL files are linked with windows registry. This type of error generally arises due to a program not granted access to this particular code.

What are the reasons for RUNDLL error

  • Improperly deleting a DLL file.
  • DLL file infected with virus or any malware.
  • Corruption in application
  • Invalid DLL entries in the windows registry.
  • Corrupt DLL files
  • RUNDLL error occurs when windows cannot find a file.
  • This error can be triggered by buggy software or hard drive problems.
  • Windows want to load a file but fail to do so because of DLL error.

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Fix RUNDLL Errors

DLL can go wrong sometimes, so it is very necessary to fix them and it is certainly possible to fix this error. Depending on you, what ways you choose to repair RUNDLL error either perform manual fixation or automatic fixation. It would be better that you should go with an automatic software that will thoroughly fix DLL errors and stop them forever. Use Reimage software that will be the quickest and effective way to fix RUNDLL error.

  1. It can fix unexpected windows error.
  2. It stops blue screen of death.
  3. Repair corrupt and damaged DLL issues.
  4. It can also recover computer freezing which is most common scenario occurring when a program cease to respond to input.
  5. It can remove viruses from your computer easily.
  6. Maintain PC's stability, performance and security.
  7. Reverses the damage done to windows OS by replacing corrupt files with fresh windows files.

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