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Know more about rundll32

The rundll32.exe file is programmed in such a way that it runs and distributes various DLL libraries within the memory of the file system. This file is considered as a command line application which runs the core functions within the system. Rundll32.exe has two versions i.e, 16 bit and 32 bit DLL file. Rundll32.exe program is present to run programs held in DLL files. A DLL is a dynamic link library which is a common set of routines used by a number of programs in windows.

Common errors related to rundll32 are

  • File not found : Rundll32.exe
  • Cannot find file : Rundll32.exe
  • Device not recognized missing Rundll32.exe

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As this file is associated with some USB devices like keyboard, mouse or other hardware to the computer through USB cable may cause this error or unable to properly function due to error.

Causes Rundll32.exe errors

These type of errors often occur due to conflicts with the file or installation profile, misuse of the file or respective directories or due to any malware attack on the system.

  1. When the conflicts arise with the file, the application may be unable to transfer data between necessary files.
  2. The application may not be able to load due to damaged file or directory.
  3. Due to some infection, the entire system becomes frozen or unable to perform any necessary operations.

Help in fixing Rundll32.exe error

Regardless of the cause, determine the best solution on noticing any system related errors. When this error occurs, you are advised to use Reimage repair software specially designed for fixing DLL related errors. Reimage software has many updated components which can easily fix computer's OS related errors. Reimage detects and fixes the problems that your windows is experiencing.

Unique features of Reimage software

Reimage has so many useful components that is likely to make up a healthy operating system. This repairing software scans the registry and hard drive, backups your Windows system and works as a recovery system. It has simple interface because it performs automatic repair and scan. Reimage provides computer system information in aspect of its performance.

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