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How to Fix Nspr4.dll and Crypt32.dll Errors in Effective Technique

Error 1: Nspr4.dll file is Missing

Are you detecting any error which says that Nspr4.dll file is missing? Does it appears while launching the installed applications? Have you seen unwanted changes in the system behavior? Are you completely annoyed with the extremely sluggish speed of various functions of the PC? If your response is affirmative to all these questions then no need to panic. We recommend you to follow the guidelines which are mentioned below. It contains simple step which will help you to resolve Nspr4.dll error in effective manner.

What is Nspr4.dll file?

Nspr4.dll is recognized as one of the important DLL file which has been associated with Netscape Portable Runtime application. It is also known as NSPR Library which has been developed by Netscape Communication Corporation. You need to know that the latest version of the DLL file is 4.2 Beta. It occupies 156.31KB space in the system memory and does not pose any worst impacts on any other files. The worst consequences arises when users starts to detect Nspr4.dll file is missing error. In such a case, you will fail to access the related programs and PC may start to behave strangely. It is completely an annoying alert which will stop your activities immediately as system will not respond properly to your instructions.

Main Causes of Nspr4.dll Error:-

You need to know that such type of error occurs due to the corruption or deletion of Nspr4.dll file. It may happen due to several reasons which are given below:-

  • "Multiple applications using Nspr4.dll file at the same time.

  • Accidental deletion of the file while removing unwanted ones.

  • Presence of malicious threats in the system.

  • Using outdated device drivers.

  • Installing incomplete version of associated program or operating system.

  • Adding unwanted extensions in the system.

Error Messages after Nspr4.dll file gets Damaged:-

You need to know that once the Nspr4.dll file gets corrupted, it will start to generate unwanted error messages on the screen. Some of the common warning alerts has been mentioned below:-

  • Nspr4.dll Not Found

  • This application failed to start because nspr4.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem

  • Cannot find [PATH]\nspr4.dll

  • The file nspr4.dll is missing

  • Cannot start [APPLICATION]. A required component is missing: nspr4.dll. Please install [APPLICATION] again

Error 2: Crypt32.dll file does not found

Hello guys! I am looking for the perfection solution to resolve Crypt32.dll error. I am detecting such error from last week. I noticed that many of the installed programs are not launching and displaying the same error. I don't know how to deal with the situation. I have tried hard to fix the error but it comes back automatically when I reboot the system. Will you please help me to get rid of Crypt32.dll error completely. I am eagerly waiting for your response. Thanks in advance.

What is Crypt32.dll file?

Crypt32.dll is one of the important DLL module which is used to implement various certificate and Cryptographic Messaging functions in the CryptoAPI. This file is compatible with Windows and Windows server operating system and it supports different capabilities. It has been developed by Microsoft Corporation which also allows the Windows to work properly. The latest version of the file is 6.1.7601.17514 and its size in the memory is 1MB. However, many users claims that they are detecting Crypt32.dll error while starting the PC and launching some programs. You need to know that it only happens when the file gets damaged due to malware attack, failure of hardware or software, accidental deletion etc.

Warning Messages after Corruption of Crypt32.dll file:-

The most annoying part of Crypt32.dll file corruption is warning alerts. Some of the commonly detected alerts has been discussed below:-

  • crypt32.dll is missing

  • crypt32.dll error loading

  • crypt32.dll crash

  • crypt32.dll was not found

  • the procedure entry point crypt32.dll

  • crypt32.dll could not be located

  • crypt32.dll Access Violation

  • Cannot find crypt32.dll

  • Cannot register crypt32.dll

Manual Method to Get Rid of Crypt32.dll Error:-

If you want to fix Crypt32.dll error in easiest way then you are advised to follow the simple manual instructions which are given below:-

  • Recover the Crypt32.dll file from the Recycle Bin folder.

  • Perform complete scanning of the system with the help of updated anti-virus program.

  • Re-install all the programs which uses Crypt32.dll file.

  • Run SFC Scan in the system from Command Prompt.

  • Try to roll back the driver to its previous version which you have updated recently.

  • Update all the hardware and software of the PC.

Automatic Way to Fix Nspr4.dll and Crypt32.dll Errors:-

If you have tried hard to get rid of DLL errors manually but ended up with failure then no need to panic. In such a case, experts are suggested to use Reimage Repair Software. It is one of the advanced tool which is capable to perform complete scanning in the system by using high level programming algorithms. This tool will repair the corrupted and restore the permanently deleted DLL file in order to fix the error permanently. The best part of the tool is that it does not require technical knowledge as it comes with user-friendly interface. This tool supports various advanced features such as it works as registry cleaner which will help you to wipe out bogus entries. Moreover, it will remove the presence of suspicious threats to enhance the PC performance. So, what are you thinking for, download the trial version of the software now without wasting a single moment, After complete satisfaction, you can also purchase the licensed version of the tool to use more advanced features.

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