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Easy Guide To Repair Shdocvw.dll Error

What is shdocvw.dll Error?

Shdocvw.dll is a Windows file used by many Windows applications to add basic file and networking operations. Shdocvw.dll file is also used by Windows Shell Doc object & Control Library of Windows allowing applications to control various files. Basically, shdocvw.dll error occurs when PC is unstable and some of the critical system files are unable to respond and go missing. The error produced is extremely typical and vague and is shown whenever the shdocvw.dll file is corrupted, damaged and unable to processed correctly.

If you run any Windows program then you may receive message like:

  • "Cannot find the file shdocvw.dll (or one of its components)".
  • "Error starting program. A required .DLL file shdocvw.dll was not found."

This kind of error messages alarm the users about some missing file or something has gone wrong with the system files.

Causes of the Shdocvw.dll error

Some causes of the shdocvw.dll error are mentioned below -

  1. This error could occur when hard disk has not sufficient space.
  2. Old, outdated, corrupt and incorrect configured device drivers.
  3. Incompatible computer BIOS.
  4. Damaged device driver or system service.
  5. Corruption has taken place in Windows registry which may leads to shdocvw.dll error.
  6. Due to empty registry keys or DLL is not registered.
  7. Entry in the history folder might be damaged or corrupt.

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Resolution for Shdocvw.dll error

You can perform basically two different ways for fixing shdocvw.dll error. One is manual method and other is automatic method.

Manual method -

Following are the steps given to fix this error manually.

  1. At first, repair the registry location for “My Documents” using the 'regedit'.
  2. Secondly, register damaged DLL files.
  3. Thirdly, update your Windows.
  4. Fourthly, clean out the viruses from your computer using a powerful anti-virus tool.
  5. At last, clean out the registry entries.

Automatic method -

With the help of Reimage Repair software, fixing shdocvw.dll error can be easy. It is a famous system fixer tool able to clean and eliminate issues of operating system automatically. Moreover, Reimage Repair software is capable of solving shdocvw.dll error. It can also scan, clean and check Windows errors periodically.

Reimage Repair software is quite likely to repair the followings -

  1. Windows error
  2. Blue screen of death
  3. Damaged DLLs
  4. Virus damage
  5. Operating system recovery
  6. Freezing computers

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