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How To Troubleshoot Mshtml.dll Error

What is Mshtml.dll error?

Mshtml.dll error is a typical error associated with Internet Explorer. Computers using Internet Explorer faces this error. When you try to use this web browser then you receive mshtml.dll error. But you need not panic as this error can be fixed easily. Mshtml.dll is an integral file required for the smooth operation of Internet Explorer. It not only manages the processing and procurement of web pages but also handles many other Internet related functions that a system has. This dll file enables browsers to analyze and use html and CSS. And when browser cannot find that file, browsers end up crashing and freezing.

The error messages generated by mshtml.dll are mentioned as :

  • “Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Click here to see the error report.”
  • “Mshtml.dll Not Found”.
  • “This application was unable to start because the Mshtml.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix the problem.”
  • “Cannot find Directory\mshtml.dll”.
  • “The mshtml.dll file is missing.”
  • “Cannot start a required component is missing: Mshtml.dll. Please install again.”

And then you will find the mshtml.dll file behind the error while observing the report that has been generated.

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Causes of the Mshtml.dll error

Several reasons are responsible for this error to occur and they are :

  1. Either the mshtml.dll file is missing or corrupted.
  2. Mshtml.dll file is old one unable to run in Internet Explorer.
  3. Mshtml.dll file becomes inaccessible and unreadable.
  4. Virus infection may have damaged the file.
  5. Failure of hardware or software.
  6. Accidentally deleted

Symptoms of the Mshtml.dll error

A number of symptoms your system may exhibit when having mshtml.dll error. Some of the common symptoms are :

  1. Difficulty in opening Internet Explorer.
  2. If you open Internet Explorer in No Add-ons mode, it will itself load up but will present you a blank page which will later on crash. This continues to happen every time you load the web page.
  3. Any application using Internet Explorer may crash.
  4. Unable to re-install Internet Explorer because it presents an error message whenever you try to remove this application.

Resolve Mshtml.dll error

With the help of Reimage Repair software, you can troubleshoot this problem easily. Reimage Repair software is a complete package for solving all windows related issues.

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